School Management Software Crack

School Management Software Crack

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Income management feature helps budget their school payments rents and ensures they are getting the basic essentials of electricity etc. Improved control of their finances helps to stabilize their lives so they can better care for.


Expense management is the system for your school use to process, pay and audit their school spend. These costs normally include employee travel and entertainment. Expense management systems can also usefully for your school spending


The student management system also is known as an information system or helps a school manage data, communications, and scheduling. Some student management systems are designed to serve all of a school’s data management needs.


Staff management feature is the of subordinates in your school. They serve the line managers of the school in an advisory or support capacity by providing them with information and advice operating decisions


The school attendance system automates daily bio-metric attendance and manual attendance in schools. With the help of school attendance software, teachers student and staff attendance


Fee management software. is one of the best programs available to help you manage fee collection through paperless bookkeeping. Eliminate your manual workload with our user-friendly school fee management system designed to be easy to use.


SMS software allows you to quickly and easily send out SMS and alerts in order to shorten the distance that separates administrators students teachers and parents. Our SMS software can send out reminders for fees to be paid or send student


Report feature mange weakly and monthly test report of a student with skills standards and transcripts manage grades and Whether you use a letter or number grading system, the program can be tailored to the needs of schools.

Result Card

School management software result software generates automatic and customized various student of result cards and report sheets, thereby helping saving trees with name roll no easily and the planet.

School Management Software
School Management Software

Library Management System Module

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School Time Table Module

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Educational Management Software

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Fee Management System Software

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