School Management Planner App

School Management Planner App

School Management Planner App is an offline desktop modern app for managing everyday school life for administration, students, teachers, staff. School Planner is a handy app for school colleges tuition centers that were designed to help you organize your institute. as an institute and have everything under control. Whether you are institute or elementary school, high school or college, university, tuition center this is this app manages all requirements of your school.

School Management Planner App
School Management Planner App

How To Use School Planner?

Software Linkers (Software Development Company) provide a complete desktop offline school management app.
school management planner software is 99.99% prefect of all educational Institutes 10,000 plus school colleges, tuition center use. school planner software fully secure reliable and user-friendly. when you use you see all features are available about the educational institute means administration, student, staff, teachers, income, expenses, result, attendance, etc.

School Planner Software Module

  1. Administration Management Plan.
  2. Student Management Plan.
  3. Staff Management Plan.
  4. Guardians Management Plan.
  5. Admission Management Plan.
  6. Account Management Plan.
  7. Academic Management Plan.
  8. Attendance Management Plan.
  9. Classes And Section Management Plan.
  10. SMS Sending Notification Plan.
  11. Date Sheet Exam And Result Management Plan.

School Planner Benefits

  1. Reduces stress.
  2. Save your time.
  3. Reduces the paperwork.
  4. Increases productivity.
  5. Fully data secure.
  6. Better communication between parents and teachers.

School Software For Management Plan

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Free Download School Management Planner

College student management planner software If you want to install it’s very easy for you to click on the Download link and run a free the latest version of the school management planner app.